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New album out 16. June !
.....3 years went by!
On their previous album, RiverHorse tried their skills on a string of pearls of songs by other great song-writers: the 2005-album, "Classix".

Now RiverHorse will be in the field with a new release. Brand-new original stuff written and composed especially with this album in mind!

Where are RiverHorse now? On this CD we hear a band. Simply guitars, bass, drums and keyboard offering a handfull of plain, to-the-point tunes, without any of the elaborate staging that have otherwise been an important part in the RiverHorse-concept.
You could say that we set out to retrieve the heart of the matter. What rock ´n´ roll is about. Hence the title: "Retriever".

For sure, 3 years went by - but how well they went, indeed! Judge for yourself!
Release: 16. June 2008.

You can buy the CD here or at

Danish...?! You don´t speak Danish - it´s something you have for breakfast ! Much like Chinese, only they´re 1.2 billion. There are just 5 million of us. So, the thing to have is a site in English - and here we are !

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