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"No gnus are good gnus"

That's how you'd put it in English. And, obviously, it goes to say that good hartebeests are the non-existing ones. Fair enough. But what about hippos? Now, that's what we'd like to know.....

The fact is: Your own - your very own - hippo has gone to the happy waterholes! Allan and Peter have reached the conclusion that enough is "enough". After decades of working together - and friendship unharmed - they have swum on to new, separate endeavours.

"RiverHorse" is history. Rock-history.

Please note that from now on, this website exclusively serves as a kind of museum of, and testimonial to, the creative project lauched by two of their generation's truly great rockers, Allan Sørensen and Peter Valentin Rolnæs, into which they for almost 37 years poured the best of their inventive, musical talents: the band "RiverHorse".

Welcome on board!

You can buy the CD´s at


Danish...?! You don´t speak Danish - it´s something you have for breakfast ! Much like Chinese, only they´re 1.2 billion. There are just 5 million of us. So, the thing to have is a site in English - and here we are !

Yesterday´s news

Retriever was released June 2008 with brand-new original stuff written and composed by ourself.
Classix is the title of our 3rd album because this CD exclusively contains music written by other people.
Sing Yourself Wet was released November 2003. With us we had 3 of our friends ...
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From our "old days" the Hair records 1970 - 1972 has been re-released on CD.
1 LP, 3 singles plus 1 bonus track. Total 13 songs. Read more
Sorensen´s songs
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