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Allan Sorensen & Peter Valentin Rolnes

Here we are!
For once - and as distinctly opposed to time - standing still.

Then, eager childrens´ voices are heard: "Yeeeah. Horsey, tell us about the old days!" - Horsey: "Right, you lot. Here goes!"

Now, boats and busses alike goes back to the time when Bank of England was miles away from Mandalay. That was - practically speaking - 35 years ago. We´ve been playing together since 1968.

Second Review 1968
Left to right: Allan, Peter, Benny
1968-1969 Second Review.
A power-trio, playing what people in those days called "progressive beat-music" (at least, in Denmark they did!). Allan played bass, Peter drums and Benny Dyhr guitar. Here we got into playing our own material on a more serious basis. This is also where our cooperation with music-critic and lyricist Torben Bille began. 1968-1969 we played a good deal of gigs in Copenhagen and Zealand.
20-year olds normally don´t have very much relevant experience of marketing, the record business and all the other need-to-know stuff for a band who "means business". Something had to be done about that.
1969, Paddy Gythfeldt joined the band, and we became the hardrock-band "Hair".

Hair 1969
Left to right: Paddy, Benny, Allan, Peter
1969-1971 Hair
Song-writing and cooperation with Torben Bille continued, and we got ourselves a "Personal Manager" by the name of Peter Rud (today a supreme court barrister). Marketing was now carried out professionally, leading to lots of concert jobs and tremendous music press coverage. In our first year, we made an album which was at the time the most expensive Danish rock-production ever. Sales amounted to what today would equal "going gold". Following this came 4 singles, one of which, "Happy Child", made no. 7 in the Danish charts. However, just after recording-sessions for the second album had begun, we disbanded.

RiverHorse 1973
Left to right: Allan, Peter, Bo, Dan
1972-1976 RiverHorse
We (Allan & Peter) then started RiverHorse.
Peter, who was at the time one of the country´s foremost drummers, wanted to switch to bass. And Allan, who played bass, but who´s originally a guitarist, wanted to concentrate on the guitar again.
Song-writing developped further and over the years some 100 songs came out. In 1975, we tried to lauch an album-project.
Sounded like the right thing, only, it happened in the wrong place: at that time in practice only Danish-language material stood any chance, at all, with Danish record companies, a "genre" which - with all due respect to it´s many brilliant poets, bands and performers - have never come really naturally to us.
1976, and most likely, consequently, other interests and commitments took over. We never actually disbanded but for some time, music certainly got very low priority, indeed.

RiverHorse, 2001-Model
(Those buffoons!)

1981- ? RiverHorse
Taking an active part in life makes you aware of it´s other important aspects. Other than rock´n´roll, that is.
Another thing is: you get to make mistakes. The ones in the book – plus a couple of your own invention.
For instance, at times we have truly believed it to be feasible for us to live our lives without music.
Hell, we thought, there are so many other worthwhile things to take up a grown man´s attention!
Assertion true - assertion false. At any rate, given that music isn´t just a pass-time, but something more or less existential. Or commonplace: a way of life. Or: I play music – therefore I am (the contrary does not apply).

We started playing together again, and we still are. In 1999 we recorded the CD (album) "RiverHorse", in 2000 the maxi-singles "Midnight Special" and "Bright Lights, Big City", in 2003 the album "Sing Yourself Wet ", in 2005 the album "Classix" and now in 2008 the album "Retriever". You can hear clips from that here
But, most important, have a look around this site! Be sure to listen to the music! And come again some other time! Could be Horsey´s got something special, just for you!

The meaning of "RiverHorse" ?

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